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We have an opt-in of GalCiv III v1.9 already out.  We continue to update and respond to feedback on it.

Here are some changes I made:

Diplomacy tech affect to diplomacy ability increased from 0.5 to 1 InfluenceMinToClaim increased from 0.33 to 8 InfluenceRadius root reduced from 3.25 (^0.325) to square root (^0.5) Eliminated the Influence Bell Durve target divsor Influence fall off is increased from -0.3 to –10 Capital Influence per turn increased from 1.5...
One of the best ways we can improve the AI is to get more ship designs into the game that the AI can evaluate.

These should be ships with weapons, defenses, etc. already on them.

in your \documents\my games\galciv3\designs  you will find your ship designs.

What we are looking for are designs for the each race (Drengin, etc.).  No mods. 

We can then put these ship designs in with the main game and the AI will use them if they are better than the default ones (Which they...

  This is an opt-in patch:To enable the patch, please do the following:Select Galactic Civilization III in your Steam Library listRight-click and select PropertiesSelect the BETAS tabFrom the dropdown, select opt-in and click Close (if you don't see this option, restart Steam)Steam should pull down the changed files; if you ever want to go back, do the same as above but select defaultPlease note: The opt-in is an early preview of the next update and you might experi...


For the first series of these I’m going to put these up so that those of you who have no idea who I am don’t get too concerned that there’s this guy endlessly criticizing the game (and other people’s games) in the most unprofessional way. 

Who I am: I’m the founder and CEO of Stardock. I wrote the original Galactic Civilizations for OS/2 back in 1993 largely as an AI simulator in which humans were allowed to interact.  It took off from there.  ...
So tomorrow is my first day on GalCiv III.  It’s been a long break for me.  It’s very nice returning to my baby.  GalCiv III is the first GalCiv game I didn’t design or get to spend much time on. 

A few observations

The engine is fancy

I basically have unlimited memory to work with.  However, it uses a lot of memory.  This isn’t terribly surprising given how complex the ships can get.

But it is still a problem. 

I spent a little...
Last month, CariElf, the lead developer of GalCiv I and II rejoined us.

Later this month, I rejoin the GalCiv III team.  In effect, it'll be a reunion of the GalCiv II team as we take the game to the next level.

But before we begin the series of GalCiv III updates that leads into the big expansion, let me offer you the same advice I've tried to give others here:

If you want to succeed, you must slay the three F's: Friends, Family, Faith.  

And in the spirit of t...
October 17, 2016 by CariElf on Girl Geek
Hi everyone!

For those of you who don't know me, I was the lead developer on GalCiv1, GalCiv2 and I did some of the game engine code for GalCiv3 before I went on maternity leave and decided to stay at home with my daughter. I loved staying at home with my daughter, but she's a little older now and I thought that it might be nice to be around adults again.  At the moment, I'll only be working part-time.

Currently, the plan is for me to work on low-level engine issues with m...

Right now, Galactic Civilizations III supports:



Because of the way we made Galactic Civilizations III, translation is very expensive.  There are a lot of words.  But nearly all of it is in the technology descriptions.

In this screenshot you see the short-description.

And this one shows the long description.

Translation costs by the word.  That long description has 38 words and each civilization has their o...
When it comes to DLC, what is popular is not always what one would expect.

To that end, here are the top 3 most popular GalCiv III DLC in terms of units sold per day average.


#1 Revenge of the Snathi

Not in a million years would I have guessed this.  The DLC that delivered the psychopathic squirrels that have been a gag in the GalCiv games for years as a major civilization takes the lead.


#2 Precursor Worlds

This is the one I would have guessed...
With the 1.7 series done, we’re well on our way to version 1.8 which has a pretty substantial update in terms of the underlying plumbing of the game as well as new features.

A lot of work has been spent on the multiplayer parts of the game.  While few people currently play GalCiv III multiplayer, it is a part of the game that we want to improve the general robustness on as it, in turn, makes the single player game more robust.

We are also putting some work into the AI diplomacy. T...
Galactic Civilizations III turns a year old this week. I'm both shocked that it has already been a year, and surprised it has only been a year. When GC3 shipped I was very proud of what we had done, but I am even prouder of what the game has become over the last year. As a designer, I know that a game is really never done, so it has been a pleasure to continue working on GalCiv3 with such a great group of people.

Lets look back at Galactic Civilizations III’s first year...

It has been a few months now since I have have been able to do the weekly GalCiv Twitch Stream, and I find myself missing the weekly GC3 progress report and Q & A. I thought I would take a page out of Brad's book and try and start doing some more regular Developer Journals. This week I’m lucky because we are going to release 1.7, and there are lots of new features to talk about, and a few questions that I can preemptively address.

1.7 for the most part is a gam...

The team is about to put v1.7 into public beta.  This new version will be the single biggest change to GalCiv that we’ve probably ever made in a .update.

So what’s the big deal with 1.7? We’re redoing the way starbases are managed.  Starting with 1.7, players can click on a starbase, choose what they want to build and then send out an order to the shipyards that sponsor them and mini-constructors will be produced and automatically sent to the starbase. 

The Tragedy of the Torian civilization by Brad Wardell   The First Enslavement Once upon a time there was an aquatic world filled with kind, gentle people.   Their pre-industrial civilization was discovered over 100,000 years ago by a Drengin automated probe.  Despite being over 20 light years from the Drengin home world, the Drengin were intent to  conquer it.  The Drengin constructed a stargate and using automated probes, towed it to the Toria....

This past week I was on Explormiate ( and the subject of game engines.  Given the emails and feedback I’ve gotten it is pretty clear most people are not that familiar with game engine generations.   So consider this a basic primer on them and why they matter.


It’s important to note that historically, every game had its own custom engine.  Id was a pioneer in li...