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March 25, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
What a disaster. Its hard to imagine what Paul Ryan and the architects of the failed healthcare bill were hoping to accomplish, but I suspect they imagined that by presenting a somewhat moderate bill that preserved many aspects of the Obamacare law, they could then attract Democrats to the plan and have a bipartisan triumph. If that's what they were hoping for then they were set up for failure from the start by someone who had some lofty ideas. If they go back to craft another bill, (I suspe...
March 21, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
Why must we still endure swamp creature Comey as FBI director? If there is a better exhibit A to define "swamp," I'm not sure if it exists. Comey is like an engorged tick that requires matches and tweezers to remove.
March 10, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
If Republicans manage to find a way to screw up healthcare they will be damaged for decades to come... although, Democrats are already damaged for decades to come, so that may give may give Republicans wiggle room.
March 8, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
I can't believe this Russia stuff is still going on. Its hard to imagine how any rational person out there would think Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to steal an election from Hillary Clinton. The people who claim the Russians are coming are the same people who claimed that the critics of the Benghazi terrorist attack explanation were just tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Only 2 explanations for this absurd Russia fantasy can be used to explain the phenomenon. 1. Hillary Clinton ...
February 21, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
Milo got booted from CPAC and lost his book deal over a new controversy uncovered by conservatives. After listening to it all I had 2 questions, Is Milo a pedophile? The answer is clearly no.  Then I asked myself, if he is not a pedophile, why then should he be ostracized? The answer again, I don't know. Politics at its finest.
February 8, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
So as we all know, the ninth circus court of appeals is currently hearing the case on the Trump Administrations Executive Order, which temporarily banned travel from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. It is almost certain that this infamously liberal court will not rule in Trumps favor, and that is unfortunate. When the news first came that the order was blocked out on the left coast, it was obvious that influential Democrats had gone shopping for a favorable judge and a district in our nations c...
January 22, 2017 by Tova7 on Life_In_The_Blurbs
Today, strangely, the need to express the present reality in longer sentences than tweets or Facebook posts, won’t stop gnawing.This is due in part to the division in our country, but also in my personal life over politics. It’s naive to believe our generation, our time, is somehow immune to the divisive nature of politics, the ever escalating rhetoric which inevitably leads to war.  If history shows anything, it shows the human race prospers between war, but ultimately war...
January 21, 2017 by Joan of Arc on Joan's Jousts and Jests
The antics of the last few months have caused this relic to come out of hiding.  The deep distrust between political parties and vast difference of opinion are NOT new---consider the following.

Boiling frog. The boiling frog is an anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in cold wa...
January 18, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
With the Trump inauguration coming up, I was reflecting on the whole thing. From his unlikely nomination in the primaries, to his stunning defeat of the allegedly unbeatable democratic heavyweight, Hillary Clinton, and finally, to all the sullen, crying faces of the liberals, this has been amazing fun. I've never seen anyone campaign harder, or longer than Trump, while Clinton did nothing but demean him and anyone who considered voting for him as "deplorable".

Team Clinton didn't even...
January 16, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
So now, "human rights legend" John Lewis claims that Donald Trump is illegitimate. Thats odd, it seemed to me like Trump won an electoral landslide. Its also worth noting that the partisan Democrats who are in total control of our intelligence agencies reported that there was no evidence of vote tampering by Russia or anyone else. What a crybaby sore loser John Lewis... cry me a river. I still remember the last public tantrum Lewis pitched when he claimed that a teapartier spit on him and called...
December 18, 2016 by Tova7 on Life_In_The_Blurbs
Please God please.  Let me feel it just one. more. time.  It makes me feel alive, important, loved and the white hot glow of euphoria makes all the past hurt, all the horrible mistakes, all the empty hours of breathing seem like part of a cosmic plan that feels so good, is so good, all my suffering was worth it, possibly even divine.

Smack.  Dope.  Mud.  Horse.  Skag.  Junk.


Black tar.  Black pearl.  Brown sugar. Witch hazel. Birdie powder...
December 8, 2016 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
What a joy it has been to see the liberal/progressives falling apart in the aftermath of the election. From the inconsolable Madonna, who "can't even sleep," to the tacky Lena Dunham, who is snapchatting selfies from her toilet, to the jowl flapping Michael Moore, who vows to disrupt the inauguration between his full time job of maintaining morbid obesity, this has been a deeply satisfying display of insanity. What a freakshow this has been! The best may have been Obama, who marched out to f...
November 22, 2016 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
I didn't watch the American Music Awards, but I did see the segment that everyone is talking about. I do think the treatment that Melania Trump received at the hands of Gigi Hadid was nothing short of stunning and disgraceful. You have to honestly ask yourself a question, what would have happened if Michelle Obama was so brutally mocked about her nationality, color, or accent? I think the world would have stopped on its axis, and the person guilty of doing it would have been blacklisted from...
After listening to a fair amount of the Republicrat's venting and angst last week, and now the Democans pretty abstractions - trying to paint a new face on a tired progressive philosophy, I've come to the conclusion that we ought to do something.  Soon.

The real problems - climate change, hair-trigger nuclear holocaust, new plagues, aging, massive corruption, 1 billion people on the edge of starvation, looming massive unemployment due to robotics, intellectual property used ...
July 23, 2016 by webnavigator on Joshua's blog
(Something I believe firmly that I myself wrote years ago now on a famous facebook group yay! Change the world! )

As long as you believe in an external world, as long as
you trust that politicians have the power to govern your outer life
and religions to put order in your inner one, you will be deeply
disappointed. ...See the world as it is - a simultaneous creation of
your inner being. According to your inner states and conditions, the
world appears and disappears at will, and can beco...