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December 10, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Adni18...Master skinner Nikos...has a lovely website which (to my great embarrassment) I've never written about. 

It here: and has photography, themes and wallpapers, screenshots and more.

Folks like teddybearcholla, relhom, our departed friend jazzilady, and sed posted there as well as here, and have been featured there, as well. Many of you know submicron's work from devArt and is featured there as well.

So, if you're looking...
December 8, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

On February 20, 1962, Glenn flew the Friendship 7 mission and became the first American to orbit the Earth...

John Herschel Glenn Jr. (July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016) was an American aviator, engineer, astronaut, and United States Senator from Ohio. He was one of the "Mercury Seven" group of military test pilots selected in 1959 by NASA to become America's first astronauts...
December 1, 2016 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
My brother is in ICU on life support, prayers needed...he has respiratory failure, lungs full of fluid, high CO2 and low oxygen levels, very confused, and it seems he's been off his meds for diabetes, etc.


He smokes, eats too much, generally doesn't take care of himself.


They have him at critical status.


I would appreciate any prayers and well wishes.


EDIT: My brother is now gone.  See my last post.
November 26, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

I've written before about creativeLive and getting free lessons using Photoshop and Lightroom.

If are a portrait or landscape photographer, and are looking to go beyond 'the usual', this is one great way.

I always wanted to learn how to paint. I can sketch, and I can use Photoshop (Lightroom, a lot less), so I've tried in various ways to merge photos with painting...watercolors and oil, without going to the expense of buying materials and going to classes, etc.
November 5, 2016 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop
First your washing machine blows up and takes out your laundry room. Then your phone blows up and burns your house down finish the job. You can't make this stuff up.  
November 3, 2016 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop

I like it!

November 3, 2016 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop
I couldn't help it. LMAO
September 26, 2016 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
It is with a sad heart that I tell you that Chelsea has left us today at the age of 12+.  She had a good long life, we did all we could for her.

Due to increasing health problems and old age, we had to help her to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Chelsea was a 6 month old pup when we rescued her from the local animal control, scheduled to be put down the next day.


Chelsea, we miss you. Say hello to Spanky, Precious, Macy, and Santana for us.



September 16, 2016 by Draginol on Brad Wardell - Opinionated Techie
I run a software company.  I have for over 20 years.  Once in awhile, someone will ask me what my “net worth” is.  I have to respond, “It depends on whether you value intellectual property”.

Intellectual property, IP, would be things my software company owns or has rights to such as Galactic Civilizations or Start8 or our websites and our patents and trademarks.  How much are they worth? It depends.

There are a number of ways of valuing intellectual property. If the...
September 12, 2016 by Frogboy on Brad Wardell - Skinning the frog
So I finally got a Tesla.

Some of my friends were surprised I didn’t get one earlier.  I have a 20kw solar array that provided more than 100% of my electrical needs. So why didn’t I get a Tesla when they first started coming out? The short answer: I didn’t think they were practical at the time.

When the Roadster came out in 2009, it’s theoretical 240 miles (realistic, 190 mile) range wasn’t far enough for me to do serious distance yet.  Remember, in ...
August 29, 2016 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop
Just a couple of hours ago I saw a post saying WindowBlinds 10.09 Beta was available. Went to the store and downloaded it. Now I come back and the post is no longer there. Did something go awry? Even checked 'my replies' and it isn't there either.
August 23, 2016 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop
It happens once every 633.7 days or 1.7 years and is 1/129,600,000 of our solar system's 225 million year sojourn around the galactic center. Get your party hats peeps and paaaarty haaaardy! 
In no particular order.


If the Roomba would just empty its bin on its own, it would be a completely autonomous vacuum system. I wish there was an AI bot that could just block posts and messages from friends when they’re about politics. I don’t care which monster you want to support. You’re still supporting a monster. There are not enough bike paths to my office here in Canton/Plymouth Michigan. Nothing reminds you of your mortality like having a car zip past you going 5...
I recently picked up a Roomba and am amazed at how far they have come.

Like many people, I followed the original release of the Roomba robotic vacuum it seemed kind of like a toy at the time.  No more.  It’s for real.

Right now, my office building spends about $1,600 a month on cleaning.  Now, vacuuming isn’t the main thing they do but it is a significant part of what they do.  It is tempting to just buy three high end Roombas (one per floor) and let them go and se...
August 2, 2016 by ladyj55 on Ms ladyj55
I know my Subscription needs to be renewed, but I seem not to be able to sign in. Is that why?